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25 märts, 2008

Kiri sir Richard Bransonilt

Dear Raivo

I was so pleased to hear that you had completed your spaceflight reservation and wanted to welcome you personally as a Virgin Galactic Voyager.

Virgin Galactic is on a track to become the world's first commercial spaceline and I believe our flagship business of the 21 st Century.

You are now a vital part, not only of our own business, but I think also of something much bigger and certainly long awaited. We are on the edge of a new chapter in the story of space exploration which has enormous and exciting implications, but which will not happen without you and others like you who are willing to take the first steps.

So thank you. I know you will enjoy the experience.

As the project progresses and we move ever closer to the start of commercial operations, the Virgin Galactic Team will make sure you are kept fully up to date, that all your questions are answered and that you are given every opportunity to contribute ideas.

Like you, I've long dreamt of seeing space for myself. Thank you again for helping me make that dream a reality for us all.

Sir Richard Branson
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